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Smart solutions for your business.

Does this sound familiar?


A reliable partner for my shipments, that know me and customize the service to my needs. Flexible collection times to save time and improve our operability and efficiency.

Simplified administrative management, with summary of invoices to improve our cash flow.

I can't waste any time ...

Filling out documents for shipments. I need a specialist who does it all.

Managing complaints for delayed shipments or damaged goods.

MBE Shipping and Packaging, Main services.


A MBE technology allows you to schedule the collection of your shipments at no extra cost.

  1. MBE PLATFORM. An MBE platform multicourier ensures you benefit from the most suitable supplier, balancing quality of service, time and cost.

  2. DOCUMENTS AND CUSTOMS. MBE shipping professionals use their experience to prepare all the correct documentation for shipments.

  3. PACKING. MBE centres ensure that the articles are packaged properly, so that the order arrives safely.


MBE benefits from flexible collection times, allowing you to access courier services a few hours after the last collection is accepted.

  1. TRACKING AND TROUBLESHOOTING. Advanced technology and features are dedicated to tracking the process. MBE informs you immediately if the shipment will not be delivered according to the agreed time, thus allowing a proactive solution.

  2. CUSTOMER ATTENTION. A dedicated person available to solve problems effectively.

  3. DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. The delivery confirmation service informs you of the date, time and name of the person who receive your order


  1. CUSTOMER ATTENTION. Service provided by the team of each of the MBE centres to guarantee the resolution of problems through a direct relationship, minimizing time and effort for you.

  2. BILLING. Our billing system is flexible and adaptable, it allows you to customize your invoices according to your billing system and thus simplify your accounting process.

MBE MicroLogistics, is a complete and personalized solution, a modular and flexible service that includes a set of value added activities that go beyond the classic management of shipments.

FOCUSED ON BUSINESS A partner for logistics and distribution to make the process more agile and efficient. A high level of customization also for the smallest customers. This is MicroLogistics, a new strategic outsourcing model focused on efficiency and tailored service, a solution from start to finish to manage the entire supply chain.

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